Christians helping Christians with medical expenses through this unique ministry that doesn’t involve insurance.

United States Residents Only


As you make important health care decisions for you and your family, consider health care sharing and becoming a member of Samaritan Ministries International! Samaritan accepts new members all year long and offers an affordable, viable, God-honoring way to do health care for families around the country.



You can be a part of this growing network of believers called Samaritan Ministries which is faithfully applying Biblical principles.

When we all work together, the burden on each of us is very light. As a result, since 1994 the monthly share has not exceeded $495.00 and is even lower for singles and couples!


There is a one-time new membership fee of $200 when joining the ministry.

Membership Type Monthly Share
Singles $220
Couples $440
Single-Parent Family $305
Two-Parent Family $495

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Please Note:  Our family has used this program for over many years now, and have enjoyed referring others as well as receiving benefits for doing so, (and you can too.)  Many Thanks!